INCITE Program

Innovative and Novel Computational Impact on Theory and Experiment (INCITE) Program

Open to researchers from academia, government labs, and industry, the Innovative and Novel Computational Impact on Theory and Experiment (INCITE) program is the major means by which the scientific community gains access to some of the fastest supercomputers. The program aims to accelerate scientific discoveries and technological innovations by awarding, on a competitive basis, time on supercomputers to researchers with large-scale, computationally intensive projects that address “grand challenges” in science and engineering.

INCITE proposals are accepted between mid-April and the end of June. See the proposal submittal site ( for the most recent call for proposals. Note: between July and early April the call is closed to new applications and will display the previous year’s call for proposals. However, you should review the instructions on the proposal webpage since they will provide guidance about the input and format of the proposal for the next allocation cycle.

  • Purpose: Supports computationally intensive, large-scale research projects that aim to address "grand challenges" in science and engineering.Eligibility: Available to researchers in academia, industry and other research institutions. DOE sponsorship is not required.
  • Review Process: INCITE Program conducts a two-part review of all proposals including a peer review by an international panel of experts, and a computational-readiness review.
  • Application Period: Annual call for proposals mid-April through mid-June
  • Award size: Low to high millions of compute hours
  • Award Duration: 1 - 3 years, renewable
  • Total percent of ALCF resources allocated: 60%