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Mar 18, 2014

SPEC/HPG Benchmark Suite Measures Performance of Computing Systems With Hardware Acceleration

Digital Journal

SPEC's High-Performance Group (SPEC/HPG) has released SPEC ACCEL V1.0, a new benchmark suite that measures the performance of systems using hardware accelerator devices and supporting software.

Mar 7, 2014

Podcast: The “Battery” of Materials Modeling Efforts at Argonne


Larry Curtiss, a materials scientist at Argonne National Laboratory, discusses how his team is modeling materials and processes to create more efficient batteries—and what it means for the future. Curtiss is using Mira, the ALCF's IBM Blue Gene/Q supercomputer, to study lithium-air battery...

Mar 4, 2014

Interview: Argonne Announces Training Program on Extreme-Scale Computing

Inside HPC

Supercomputers present many challenges in hardware and software environments as the march to exascale gets closer and closer. This will inevitably involve greater complexity and the need for ultra-specialized training. We caught up with Paul Messina, the ...

Feb 21, 2014

High-tech Modeling: Computer Mockups Hone in on Human Physiology

Molecular Imaging

An exploration of recent projects at Argonne National Laboratory and Johns Hopkins University traverse the numerical and graphical landscape of cerebral blood flow, the pathology of malaria, brain aneurysm, sickle cell anemia and even cancer. Computer modeling provides ultra-specific information...

Feb 6, 2014

Computational Science at the Argonne Leadership Computing Facility

Inside HPC

In this video from the 2014 HPCAC Stanford HPC & Exascale Conference, Paul Messina from Argonne presents: Computational Science at the Argonne Leadership Computing Facility.

Feb 3, 2014

Argonne Training Program on Extreme-Scale Computing Scheduled for August


Computational scientists now have the opportunity to apply for the upcoming Argonne Training Program on Extreme-Scale Computing (ATPESC), to take place from August 3-15, 2014.

The program provides intensive hands-on training on the key skills, approaches and tools to design, implement,...

Jan 30, 2014

Researchers Implement HPC-First Cloud Approach


Researchers at North Carolina State University working in partnership with the Argonne Leadership Computing Facility (ALCF) have successfully demonstrated a proof-of-concept for a novel high-performance cloud computing platform by merging a cloud computing environment with a supercomputer....

Jan 17, 2014

Ten Year US Exascale Roadmap Crystalizes


At the tail end of 2013, Congress passed a law directing the Department of Energy to develop exascale computing capability within the next decade in order to meet the objectives of the nuclear stockpile stewardship program. The directive is part of the...

Jan 15, 2014

The Most Exciting Physics (and more!) to Happen at National Laboratories in 2014

Physics Central

Laboratories across the country stand at the forefront of scientific research in fields that include nuclear fusion, neutrino oscillation and the search for traces of dark energy as well as advances in biology, chemistry, medicine, geophysics, material science and more...

Dec 31, 2013

Supercomputers: New Software Needed

Information Week Story

Supercomputing, in the broadest sense, is about finding the perfect combination of speed and power, even as the definition of perfection changes as technology advances. But the single biggest challenge in high-performance computing (HPC) is now on the software side: Creating code that can keep...