Machine Status

Science on MiraCoresCore Hours
Scalable System Software for Parallel Programming32768305894.01315538
Combustion stability in complex engineering flows32768241820.64924479
Interfaces in Organic and Hybrid Photovoltaics32768272140.97066623
Particle acceleration in shocks: from astrophysics to laboratory in silico32768245784.57600043
Cosmic Frontier Computational End-Station32768278884.62506727
Lattice QCD81922745.6398220486
Thermodynamics of quark flavors from lattice QCD81922823.7596446398
Thermodynamics of quark flavors from lattice QCD81922898.8074669054
SiO2 Fracture: Chemomechanics with a Machine Learning Hybrid QM/MM Scheme20489357.1071999783
Systems support for extreme-scale many-task applications20482925.8638221571
Amplitude Modulation of Wind Turbine Noise5121383.9758222114