May 26, 2016
10:00 AM
ug[SCIP,*] Library : A Software Library for General Purpose Parallel Branch-and-Bound Algorithms
Yuji Shinano
Zuse-Institut Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Building 240/Room 4301
May 25, 2016
3:00 PM
Asynchronous, Distributed Optical Mutual Exclusion
R. Vaidyanathan
Louisiana State University
Building 240/Room 4301
May 25, 2016
10:00 AM
Real-Time Reduction of Diffraction Data at Sector 1, APS Using MIDAS
Raj Kettimuthu, MCS, Brian Toby, XSD
Building 401/Room A1100
May 24, 2016
9:00 AM
Scaling Your Science on Mira

Building 240/Room 1416
May 18, 2016
3:00 PM
Applications of the Discrete Chebyshev Transform: compression of scientific data
Oana Marin
Postdoctoral Appointee, MCS
Building 240/Room 4301
May 18, 2016
12:00 PM
Webinar: Developing, Configuring, Building, and Deploying HPC Software
Barry Smith, Argonne National Laboratory
May 17, 2016
10:00 AM
Understanding I/O Performance on Burst Buffers through Holistic I/O Characterization
Glenn K. Lockwood
NERSC's Advanced Technologies Group
Building 240/Room 4301
May 12, 2016
2:00 PM
Computational Quantum Chemistry at the RCC
Jonathan Skone
Scientific Programming Consultant, Research Computing Center
Kathleen A. Zar Room, John Crerar Library
May 11, 2016
10:30 AM
Programming Abstractions for High Performance and High Productivity
Naoya Maruyama
RIKEN Advanced Institute for Computational Science
Building 240/Room 4301
May 11, 2016
10:00 AM
Nonhydrostatic Ocean Modeling
Sean Vitousek
Research Assistant Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago
Building 240/Room 1404
May 2, 2016
10:00 AM
Customizable Computing at Datacenter Scale
Jason Cong
Building 240/Room 1416
Apr 20, 2016
10:30 AM
A New Method for Optimizing the Non-Anticipative Lagrangian Dual of a Stochastic Mixed-Integer Program
Brian Dandurand
Postdoc Interviewee, MCS
Building 240/Room 4301
Apr 19, 2016
3:00 PM
IPM: A Post-MPI Programming Model
Barry Smith, Junchao Zhang
Computational Mathematicians, ANL-MCS
Building 240/Room 1406-1407
Apr 13, 2016
3:00 PM
Probabilistic Analysis of Derivative-Free Methods
Clement Royer
Institut de Recherche en Informatique de Toulouse
Building 240/Room 1404-1405
Apr 11, 2016
1:30 PM
Solvers for Global Optimization of Nonconvex Problems
Nikolaos Kazazakis
Imperial College, London
Building 240/Room 4301