Vesta is the ALCF’s test and development platform, serving as a launching pad for researchers planning to use Mira. Vesta has the same architecture as Mira, but on a much smaller scale (two computer racks compared to Mira’s 48 racks). This system enables researchers to debug and scale up codes for the Blue Gene/Q architecture in preparation for Mira.

Vesta is also a resource for users applying for a Director’s Discretionary allocation and researchers preparing proposals for INCITE and ALCC.  By allocating time on Vesta for testing and development, Mira is kept clear for capability jobs.

Vesta’s Blue Gene/Q system consists of: (change specs to be consistent to Mira on INCITE hand-out)

  • 2 racks
  • 1,024 nodes per rack
  • Sixteen 1600 MHz PowerPC A2 cores and 16 GB RAM per node
  • 32 I/O nodes per rack (compute to I/O node ratio 32:1)
  • 15 GB/s, 1.6 petabytes of storage

For a total of 32,768 cores, 64 I/O nodes, 32 terabytes of RAM, and a peak performance of 419.44 teraflops.