ALCF’s Papka, Vishwanath Receive Best Paper Award at HDPC’13

ALCF staff

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ALCF Director Michael Papka and Argonne computer scientist Venkatram Vishwanath were awarded best paper on June 21 at the 2013 ACM Symposium on High-Performance Parallel and Distributed Computing (HPDC) for co-authoring “Scalable In Situ Scientific Data Encoding for Analytical Query Processing.”

The paper discusses a parallel simulation-time data encoding and reorganization technique, called DIRAQ (Data Indexing and Reorganizing for Analytics-Induced Query Processing), which was developed and implemented at the ALCF last summer by North Carolina State University graduate researcher Sriram Lakshminarasimhan. Other co-authors include David A. Boyuka II, Saurabh V. Pendse, Xiaocheng Zou, John Jenkins, and Nagiza F. Samatova.

HPDC is the premier annual conference for presenting the latest research on the design, implementation, evaluation, and the use of parallel and distributed systems for high-end computing.