Two Papers by Argonne Researchers Selected as "Outstanding" in the EuroPVM/MPI Users


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Two papers by Argonne researchers have been selected as "Outstanding Papers" in the 14th annual EuroPVM/MPI Users' Group conference. The first paper, "Self-consistent MPI Performance Requirements" by Jesper Larsson Traff, William Gropp, and Rajeev Thakur, presents conditions that can be used by benchmarks and tools to automatically verify whether a given MPI implementation fulfills basic performance requirements.

The second paper, "Test Suite for Evaluating Performance of MPI Implementations That Support MPI_THREAD_MULTIPLE" by Rajeev Thakur and William Gropp, presents performance tests that can be used to measure the overhead of providing the MPI_THREAD_LEVEL of thread safety for user programs. EuroPVM/MPI 2007, which will take place October 1-3, 2007, provides a forum for users and developers of PVM, MPI, and other message-passing programming environments.

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