Data and Networking

Challenger is the home for the prod-devel job submission queue. Moving the prod-devel queue to Challenger clears the way for capability jobs on Intrepid.

Challenger shares the same environment as Intrepid and is intended for small, short, interactive debugging and test runs. Production jobs are not run on Challenger. Challenger is an IBM Blue Gene/P system with 1.024 850 MHz quad-core nodes (4,096 processors) and 2 terabytes of memory. Peak performance is 13.9 teraflops.

Challenger's Blue Gene/P system consists of:

  • 1 rack of Blue Gene/P
  • 1024 nodes per rack
  • one 850 MHz quad-core processor and 2GB RAM per node
  • For a total of 4096 cores, 2 terabytes of RAM, and a peak performance of 13.9 teraflops