Using Montage, an Astronomical Mosaicking Application, to Explore Data-Oriented Distributed Computing

Event Sponsor: 
Petascale Active Data Store (PADS) Fall Seminar Series
Start Date: 
Nov 12 2009 - 1:30pm to 2:30pm
Searle Lab, room 240
University of Chicago
Daniel S. Katz
Speaker(s) Title: 
Senior Computational Researcher, CI; TeraGrid GIG Director of Science
Michael E. Papka

Montage is an astronomical image mosiacking tool that has been used in a variety of infrastructures. This talk will discuss the history of the application and how it has been used on single processor systems, clusters, and grids, including discussing performance on these systems. More recently, we have looked at some general questions about distributed applications, using Montage as a sample application. We have some initial ideas on objectives for developing, deploying, and executing distributed applications, and we have attempted to begin using these ideas for Montage, and will discuss this work, which includes running Montage on a mix of grids an

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