Fellowship FAQs

Is U.S. citizenship required?

Are there any restrictions?
A PhD degree is required. If you have prior experience as a postdoctoral research assistant or are three or more years past the PhD conferral date, your ANL sponsor must address why additional experience in a Fellowship appointment will be beneficial to your career.

What is the "real" deadline for applying to the Margaret Butler Postdoctoral Fellowship?
The "real" deadline is the one specified on the website or in the advertisement for applications. All materials, including your Argonne sponsor's letter MUST be submitted by 5:00 PM CST on December 1, 2018. No late materials will be accepted. It is for the applicants' benefit that the deadlines be respected so that the review process can begin promptly.

What is the mailing address for the application materials?
There is no mailing address. All application documents must be submitted by completing the online application.

Who should the nominator (sponsor) be?
Any research scientist at Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) may sponsor the applicant. However, if the scientist’s home division is not the Argonne Leadership Computing Facility (ALCF), the applicant must also ask a member of the ALCF team to sponsor their application.

Who writes the nomination letter—the sponsor or the Division Director?
Either the ANL or ALCF sponsor writes the nomination letter. The division director(s) of the sponsor(s) must be copied on the letter.

Can the sponsor’s nomination letter be included with my other materials?
Yes, the sponsor’s nomination letter must be uploaded with the other materials. Letters must be in a PDF file from the individual(s) with a signature on official letterhead.

Can I scan the official transcripts and send a PDF file along with the other materials?
Yes. However, if selected, you will need to bring the original documents.

Are there specific research areas at Argonne that I should approach?
We cannot advise you regarding your research interest. You are strongly encouraged to contact Argonne scientists so that you can determine whether your research interest is applicable to Argonne. ALCF’s Staff Directory will help you locate researchers who may be interested in sponsoring your application. 

When will the recipient's name be announced?
The name of the selected candidate will be announced in April/May 2018. The selected candidate will be notified by email. Those not selected will also be notified by email shortly after the announcement is made.

When will the recipient begin his/her appointment?
The appointment start date is based on the availability of the candidate and other factors. However, the appointment cannot commence until he or she is in receipt of the PhD degree.