Discretionary Allocation Request (New & Renewal)

Welcome to the Director's Discretionary Allocation request page.

Director's Discretionary Allocations are "start up" awards of compute hours given by the ALCF to projects that can demonstrate a need for leadership-class resources. Awards are made year round to industry, academia, laboratories, and others. Duration is three or six months.

Please complete the following form in order to:

1. Apply for a new allocation,
2. Renew an existing allocation, or
3. Extend the end date of an existing allocation (no additional hours required)

The ALCF allocation team will contact you within 2 weeks to inform you of the decision regarding your request.

For If you need an increase in the disk quota, please contact ALCF User Services with the machine name, project name, new quota amount, and reason for the increase, instead of using this form. Also, if you require  access to project data after your project allocation expires, please contact ALCF User Services.

  • Theta: Select Theta for production scientific and engineering computing, and/or if you are preparing an INCITE or ALCC proposal using KNL.
  • Cooley: Select Cooley if you only need a data analytics/visualization allocation.  All allocations on Mira and Theta can also get access to Cooley by request.
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