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Nov 14, 2011

Three DOE Labs Now Connected with Ultra-High Speed Network


The U.S. Department of Energy is now supporting scientific research at unprecedented bandwidth speeds – at least ten times faster than commercial Internet providers – with a new network that connects thousands of researchers using three of the world's top supercomputing centers in California,...

Oct 31, 2011

DOE announces 100 Gbps network

TG Daily

The US Department of Energy will next month demonstrate an upgrade to the ESnet academic network that will take its speed up to 100 Gbps. The project – funded with $62 million raised through the 2009 economic stimulus law – is intended for research use but could pave the way for widespread...

Oct 31, 2011

Pioneering supercomputer QCDOC retires


On May 26, 2005, a new supercomputer, a pioneering giant of its time, was unveiled at Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) at a dedication ceremony attended by physicists from around the world. That supercomputer was called QCDOC, for quantum chromodynamics (QCD) on a chip, capable of handling...

Sep 13, 2011

RPI is getting new high-tech Blue Gene

The new IBM Blue Gene/Q that will be installed next year at Rensselaer Technology Park will allow researchers to scale up their coding of everything from modeling the heat flow of the world's oceans to improving the design of wind turbine blades, writing code that uses tens of millions of...

Jul 13, 2011

Moving data at the speed of science: Berkeley Lab lays foundation for 100 Gbps prototype network


Berkeley Lab today announced a major step toward creating one of the world's fastest scientific networks to accelerate research in fields ranging from advanced energy solutions to particle physics. Known as the Advanced Networking Initiative (ANI), the effort represents a $62...

Jul 13, 2011

Berkeley Lab and Internet2 to build 100 Gbps Prototype Scientific Network

Enhanced Online News

Berkeley Lab and Internet2 today announced an agreement to build one of the world

Apr 21, 2011

The Weekly Top Five


The Weekly Top Five features the five biggest HPC stories of the week, as compiled by HPCwire, included the Argonne and Brown University INCITE project that uses the Blue Gene/P supercomputer to map the movement of red blood cells in the hopes that it will lead to better diagnoses...

Apr 19, 2011

Supercomputer cracks 'impossible' calculation


Blue Gene/P, an IBM supercomputer designed to continuously run at 1petaFLOPS, has found the billionth decimal digit in pi. The calculation has long been considered impossible to complete; some have estimated that it would have taken a single CPU 1,500 years. But IBM's Blue Gene/P...

Mar 2, 2011

Deere suppliers on ground floor with manufacturing-supercomputer pilot program

Crain's Chicago Business

Small and mid-sized suppliers of Moline-based Deere & Co. will be among the Midwest manufacturers getting first crack at using supercomputers to speed up the design of components, under a White House initiative announced Wednesday. Deere, Lockheed Martin Corp. and General...

Feb 17, 2011

Obama sets $126M for next-gen supercomputing


President Barack Obama has included funding in his 2012 budget proposal for development of the next generation of supercomputers, an exascale system. The money is going to the U.S. Department of Energy, which has led in developing the world's fastest computers.