Data and Networking


Intrepid has a highly scalable torus network, as well as a high-performance collective network that minimizes the bottlenecks common in simulations on large, parallel computers.  Intrepid uses less power per teraflop than systems built around commodity microprocessors, resulting in greater energy efficiency and reduced operating costs.  Blue Gene applications use common languages and standards-based MPI communications tools, so a wide range of science and engineering applications are straightforward to port, including those used by the computational science community for cutting-edge research in chemistry, combustion, astrophysics, genetics, materials science and turbulence.

Intrepid's Blue Gene/P system consists of

  • 40 racks
  • 1024 nodes per rack
  • 850 MHz quad-core processor and 2GB RAM per node
  • 640 I/O nodes
  • 88 GB/s, 7.6PB Storage

For a total of 164K cores, 80 terabytes of RAM, and a peak performance of 557 teraflops.