Dec 11, 2008
(All day)
Large Scale Monte Carlo Simulations of Cluster Nucleation Using Quantum Mechanical Potentials
Theresa Windus
Professor of Chemistry, Iowa State University
Building 200, Conference Room J183
Dec 10, 2008
(All day)
Real Space Calculations with the Projector Augmented Wave Method
Jens Jorgen Mortensen
Department of Physics, Technical University of Denmark
Building 360 Conference Room L119
Dec 10, 2008
(All day)
The Design and Implementation of Open-MX
Brice Goglin
Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et en Automatique
Building 221, Room A216
Dec 3, 2008
(All day)
Adjoinable MPI
Jean Utke
Chicago, CI & MCS
Building 221 Conference Room A261
Dec 3, 2008
(All day)
Petascale Active Data Store Seminar with Lars Bergstrom
Lars Bergstrom
Department of Computer Science, University of Chicago
Research Institute, rm. 405
Dec 1, 2008
(All day)
A Benders Decomposition Method for Discretely-Constrained Mathematical Programs with Equilibrium Constraints with Applications in Energy
Yohan Shim
University of Maryland
Building 221 Conference Room A216
Nov 26, 2008
(All day)
Nonlinear Mixed-Integer Dynamic Optimization
Sebastian Sager
University of Heidelberg
Building 221 Conference Room A261
Nov 19, 2008
(All day)
Petascale Computing Experiences on Blue Gene/P
Katherine Riley
ALCF Team Lead
Room 17A/17B
Nov 19, 2008
(All day)
Nested Data Parallel Programming in Manticore
Adam Shaw
Department of Computer Science
Research Institute, rm. 405
Nov 18, 2008
(All day)
Blue Gene System Management Community Meeting
Susan Coghlan
Associate Division Director, Argonne Leadership Computing Facility
Nov 18, 2008
(All day)
SPEC MPI2007: A Benchmark to Measure MPI Application Performance
Kalyan Kumaran
ALCF Manager, Performance Engineering and Data Analytics
Ballroom G
Nov 15, 2008
(All day)

Austin Convention Center
Nov 13, 2008
(All day)
Multilevel Preconditioning Algorithms for Large-scale Nonconvex PDE-constrained Optimization
Olaf Schenk
University of Basel
Building 221, Room A-261
Nov 12, 2008
(All day)
High Reynolds Number Simulations of Circular and Magnetized Couette Flows in a Cylindrical Annulus
Aleks Obabko
University of Chicago
Bldg: 221, Conference Room A216
Nov 6, 2008
(All day)
Ultrascale Visualization: A Case Study of Parallel Volume Rendering on Blue Gene/P
Thomas Peterka
Mathematics and Computer Science Division, Argonne National Laboratory
Room A134, Bldg. 221, Argonne National Laboratory