Science at ALCF

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Accelerated Catalyst Discovery Accelerated Catalyst Discovery from First Principles Simulations and Machine Learning
Rajeev Surendran Assary, Argonne National Laboratory
ALCC 2019
240,000 Core-Hours at the ALCF
High-Fidelity Physics Simulations High-Fidelity Physics Simulations for DOE and Industry Fast Spectrum Nuclear Reactor Systems
Emily Shemon, Argonne National Laboratory
ALCC 2019
880,000 Core-Hours at the ALCF
Low energy neutrino-nucleus interactions Low Energy Neutrino-nucleus Interactions
Saori Pastore, Washington University in St. Louis
ALCC 2019
390,000 Core-Hours at the ALCF
Fusion Plasma Facing Components Modeling the Response of Fusion Plasma Facing Components
Brian Wirth, Oak Ridge National Laboratory/University of Tennessee
ALCC 2019
200,000 Core-Hours at the ALCF
Neutrino flux, energy deposition and radiological studies Neutrino Flux, Energy Deposition And Radiological Studies For The Dune-lbnf Beamline
Igor Rakhno, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
ALCC 2019
450,000 Core-Hours at the ALCF
Nuclear Energy Industry Validation Nuclear Energy Industry Validation of Nek5000: ALAIN and HYMERES
Aleksandr Obabko, Argonne National Laboratory
ALCC 2019
340,000 Core-Hours at the ALCF
Particle acceleration in plasma jets: Particle Acceleration In Plasma Jets: From Astrophysics To The Laboratory
E. Paulo Alves, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
ALCC 2019
1,000,000 Core-Hours at the ALCF
Functional Nanoporous Materials Predictive Modeling and Machine Learning for Functional Nanoporous Materials Consortium/End-Station
J. Ilja Siepmann, University of Minnesota Investigator:
ALCC 2019
620,000 Core-Hours at the ALCF
Semileptonic B- and D-meson form factors with high precision Semileptonic B- And D-meson Form Factors With High Precision
Aida El-Khadra, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
ALCC 2019
330,000 Core-Hours at the ALCF
automotive high-temperature alloy design Supercomputing For Automotive High-temperature Alloy Design Consortium/end-station
ALCC 2019
350,000 Core-Hours at the ALCF
LSST sky simulations The Next Leap Forward In LSST Sky Simulations
Katrin Heitmann, Argonne National Laboratory
ALCC 2019
400,000 Core-Hours at the ALCF
Internal Combustion Engine Simulations Towards Exascale Internal Combustion Engine Simulations with In-Situ Analysis
Muhsin Ameen, Argonne National Laboratory
ALCC 2019
630,000 Core-Hours at the ALCF