Exploring Higgs Compositeness Mechanism in the Era of the 14 TeV LHC

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George Fleming
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Yale University
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55 Million
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A primary goal of physics is to describe the universe through its most fundamental forces and particles. The current culmination of this goal, The Standard Model, has withstood ~40 years  of  rigorous  experimentation  and  successfully  describes  the  electroweak  force,  the  strong  force  and  the  particles  they  act  on.  The  recent  observation  of  the  Higgs  Boson,  a particle predicted by the Standard Model to explain how fundamental particles have mass, was an exciting validation of the Standard Model. Yet the discovery of the Higgs also offers new opportunities to test the Standard Model and possibly discover new physics beyond the  Standard  Model.  Is  the  Higgs  truly  a  fundamental  particle  as  the  current  Standard  Model  predicts,  or  is  it  a  composite  particle,  composed  instead  of  more  fundamental particles?  This  project  supports  studies  of  the  interactions  of  the  Higgs  boson  and  the  electroweak  W  and  Z  gauge  bosons  in  a  theory  in  which  Higgs  boson,  as  well  as  the longitudinal spin components of the W and Z, are composite. A new interaction describes the forces among hypothesized constituents of these particles. The outcome of this project will be an exploration of a new theory and may lead to important discoveries on the nature of the Higgs, fundamental particles and forces of our universe.