Hadronic Light-by-Light Scattering and Vacuum Polarization Contributions to the Muon Anomalous Magnetic Moment from Lattice QCD with Chiral Fermions

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Thomas Blum
University of Connecticut
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220 Million
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The Standard Model of particle physics describes the fundamental particles and their interactions and, so far, its predictions have been extraordinarily accurate when tested by experiment. An important precision test of the Standard Model is the calculation and measurement of the magnetic moment of the muon, a heavy cousin of the electron. The measured value of the muon’s magnetic moment is sensitive to the presence of new particles not accounted for in the Standard Model, and new precision experiment at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory seeks to measure this value to 140 parts per billion. Improvements in the Standard Model prediction of the muon’s magnetic moment will enhance our ability to use this new measurement to search for new physics.

This project aims to complete computations of the leading and next-to-leading contributions to the muon's magnetic moment from Quantum Chromodyamics (QCD), the fundamental theory of strong nuclear force that describes interactions between quarks and gluons. These computations are necessary to improve the precision of the Standard Model prediction for the muon’s magnetic moment and enable this important test of the Standard Model.