Performance Evaluation and Analysis Consortium End Station

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Patrick Worley
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Oak Ridge National Laboratory
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Computer Science

To maximize the utility of Department of Energy leadership class systems, we must understand how to use each system most efficiently. The performance community (performance tool developers, performance middleware developers, system and application performance evaluators, and performance optimization engineers) can provide the tools and studies to enable these insights, if they have adequate access to the systems.

To provide further understanding of these high-end systems, this proposal focuses on four primary goals: (1) update and extend performance evaluation of all systems using suites of both standard and custom micro, kernel, and application benchmarks; (2) continue to port performance tools and performance middleware to the leadership class systems; (3) validate the effectiveness of performance prediction technologies, modifying them as necessary to improve their utility for predicting resource requirements for production runs on the leadership-class systems; and (4) analyze and help optimize current or leadership class application codes.