Stochastic (w*) Convergence for Turbulent Combustion

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James Glimm
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Stony Brook University
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Large-eddy simulation (LES), the use of large-scale computing and complex probability equations to predict the turbulence of fluids, is an area of uncertainty in many engineering flow models. This project continues work on a stochastic convergence approach to reduce uncertainty in modeling turbulent combustion. It performs a verification simulation to test two fundamental ideas for numerical simulation of turbulent combustion: (1) finite-rate chemistry for LES, and (2) stochastic (w*) convergence based on probability distribution functions (PDFs) and mathematical ideas associated with Young measures. If the PDFs created by the simulation are found to display mesh convergence according to the w* definition, convergence properties will be identified and applications to key chemistry outputs such as heat release and species concentration explored.