Toward Exascale Computing of Type Ia and Ib,c Supernovae: V&V of Current Models

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Don Lamb
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University Of Chicago
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This project continues a program of verification and validation of Type Ia supernova models. More 3-D simulations of the explosion phase will be performed, along with 2-D simulations of the radiation transfer phase, to determine which models – and which parameter values of the models – agree best with the observed properties of typical Type Ia supernovae. The objective of the program is to better understand these explosions, enabling astronomers to improve the accuracy with which these explosions can be calibrated as ―standard candles.‖ Improving the use of Type Ia supernovae as ―standard candles‖ will make them better cosmic yardsticks for determining the properties of dark energy, which is causing the expansion of the universe to accelerate. Understanding dark energy ranks among the most compelling problems in all of physical science.