The Universe at Extreme Scale - Multi-Petaflop Sky Simulation on the BG/Q

S. Habib, V. Morozov, H. Finkel, A. Pope, K. Heitmann, K. Kumaran, T. Peterka, J. Insley, D. Daniel, P. Fasel, N. Frontiere, Z. Lukic

Remarkable observational advances have established a compelling cross-validated model of the Universe. Yet, two key pillars of this model -- dark matter and dark energy -- remain mysterious. Next-generation sky surveys will map billions of galaxies to explore the physics of the 'Dark Universe'. Science requirements for these surveys demand simulations at extreme scales; these will be delivered by the HACC (Hybrid/Hardware Accelerated Cosmology Code) framework. HACC's novel algorithmic structure allows tuning across diverse architectures, including accelerated and multi-core systems. Here we describe our efforts on the IBM BG/Q, attaining unprecedented performance and efficiency (2.52 PFlops, more than 50% of peak on a prototype system, 4X expected for the final submission) at extreme problem sizes, larger than any cosmological simulation yet performed -- more than a trillion particles. HACC simulations at these scales will for the first time enable tracking individual galaxies over the entire volume of a cosmological survey.

Publication Date: 
October, 2012
Name of Publication Source: 
2012 IEEE/ACM International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis
Conference Location: 
Salt Lake City, Utah