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Interdisciplinary Research Center

The Theory and Computing Sciences building, also known as TCS, is dedicated to large-scale computation and builds on Argonne’s strengths in high-performance computing software, advanced hardware architectures and applications expertise. It provides the space and facilities to bring together over 600 researchers from across a wide range of computing and scientific disciplines.

Housing the ALCF and several other Argonne divisions, TCS was specifically designed to be an open and flexible workspace to encourage collaboration and the free flow of ideas. Construction of the more than 200,000 square-foot, seven-story-tall TCS building was completed in late summer 2009. It features a unique Zen garden, a vast library, as well as a multitude of open spaces and conference rooms.

Extensive Knowledge and Experience

ALCF experts in computational methods and application tuning provide in-depth assistance in using Intrepid, optimizing applications, and improving computational methods. They arm your researchers with technical details about Intrepid’s architecture, give hands-on help in scaling and tuning applications on the supercomputer, and assist users with their visualization and analysis needs.

Working in tandem with experts from Argonne’s Mathematics and Computer Science Division, the staff provides extensive knowledge and experience in:

  • Computer architectures;
  • Computational algorithms;
  • Porting, performance tuning, and parallelizing of scientific applications and other software;
  • I/O; and
  • Visualization.

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