Allocation Management

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Hours: 9:00am-5:00pm CT M-F

Updated: 04/12/2019

Allocations require management – balance checks, resource allocation, requesting more time, etc.

Checking for an active allocation

Determining the balance of an allocation

To determine which platforms have an active balance, check our allocation accounting system sbank.

  • To obtain the allocation balance, check the sbank command sbank-list-allocations.
  • DD projects with a negative balance will not be able to run jobs until they have requested additional time, see Getting more time below.
  • INCITE and ALCC PIs automatically email a summary of project usage.  If this is a DD project, please email

Allocation expiration

Projects and allocations at the ALCF are different.  A particular project might have multiple allocations of time. For example, a discretionary project that has been approved for more than 3 times will have 3 allocations (2 are probably expired) but just one project. Projects will not expire, allocations will. If allocations are expired, or have no hours left, jobs will not be able to run. Use the two bullets above (Checking for an active allocation and Determining the balance of an allocation) to determine active allocations.

Getting more time

To request an extension of your existing discretionary allocation or to request additional hours, please visit For any questions or concerns, please email