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Kokkos is a programming model in C++ for writing performance portable applications for use across HPC platforms. It provides abstractions for both parallel execution of code and data management. Kokkos is designed to target complex node architectures with N-level memory hierarchies and multiple types of execution resources.

Kokkos Core is part of the Kokkos C++ Performance Portability Programming EcoSystem, which also provides math kernels (https://github.com/kokkos/kokkos-kernels), as well as profiling and debugging tools (https://github.com/kokkos/kokkos-tools) Kokkos development is supported by the US DoE ECP project and plans to provide two backends for Aurora platform using DPC++/SYCL (OneAPI) and OpenMP-Offload.

More details on Kokkos may be found at https://github.com/kokkos/kokkos