Decommissioning GPFS filesystems (mira-fs0 and mira-fs1)

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The mira-fs0 and mira-fs1 GPFS filesystems will be decommissioned on May 3, 2021 and will become read-only starting March 8, 2021.  With that in mind, we need all users with data residing on these filesystems to begin moving data that they wish to keep to alternate locations.

Options for alternate locations include:

  • archiving data to HPSS
  • transferring data to home institutions
  • transferring data to the Grand or Eagle filesystems if an active allocation exists for your project 

If you transfer your data, this should be done using Globus.

If the project PI wishes to share project data with the research community, they can request a storage allocation on the Eagle filesystem using the allocation request form.

We encourage everyone who wants to move their data to begin as soon as possible.


March 8, 2021: mira-fs0 and mira-fs1 will be mounted read-only to prohibit additional changes to the filesystems.

May 3, 2021: mira-fs0 and mira-fs1 will no longer be mounted on user facing nodes and will be unavailable to users. This includes Cooley login nodes and the Data Transfer Nodes (DTNs) used by Globus.