mira-fs0 and mira-fs1 to be Decomissioned: User Action Needed

The ALCF's GPFS filesystems (mira-fs0 and mira-fs1) will be decommissioned in less than three months. We encourage users with data on these filesystems to begin moving data to alternate locations as soon as possible. On March 8, 2021, mira-fs0 and mira-fs1 will be mounted read-only to prohibit additional changes to the filesystems. On May 3, 2021, mira-fs0 and mira-fs1 will no longer be mounted on user-facing nodes (Cooley login nodes and Data Transfer Nodes used by Globus) and will be unavailable to users. For additional details, see https://www.alcf.anl.gov/support-center/decommissioning-gpfs-filesystems. Please contact support@alcf.anl.gov with any questions or concerns.