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Boost, a collection of modern, peer-reviewed C++ libraries, is installed in:

 /soft/libraries/boost/current/cnk-gcc/current -- for use with GCC C++ compilers: powerpc64-bgq-linux-g++ or mpic++
 /soft/libraries/boost/current/cnk-xl/current -- for use with XL C++ compilers: bgxlC, bgxlC_r, bgxlc++, bgxlc++_r, mpixlcxx, or mpixlcxx_r

In the above paths, 'current' is a symbolic link to the latest installed version.

If you'd prefer to use a specific build, use a build-specific path like this:


The builds for use with GCC provide both static and shared libraries (including the Boost.MPI Python module), while the builds for use with XL provide only static libraries. The libraries reside in the lib subdirectory of each build directory. The name of each library has the following form:


where <variant> is the variant tag as explained here: