Mira/Cetus/Vesta Disk Quota

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Mira, Cetus and Vesta

Disk quotas are enabled on Mira, Cetus and Vesta home and project directories. The details of those file systems are listed in File systems page. Mira and Cetus share the same file systems which are located at /gpfs/mira-{home,fs0}. Vesta has its own file systems located at /gpfs/vesta-{home,fs0}. The following descriptions and examples pertain to all three systems.

Home Directory Quotas

By default, each home directory is assigned a default of 100GB for Mira and 50GB for Vesta. File ownership determines disk space usage.

The ALCF has provided a script for checking quotas. This script can be run at any time from any login nodes.

Use /usr/local/bin/myquota:

scrusan@miralac1:~ ]$ /usr/local/bin/myquota 

Name            Type     Filesystem      GB_Used      GB_Quota      Grace
scrusan         User     mira-home        0.10         100.00        none

Project Directory Quotas

On the ALCF project file system (mira-fs0), each project is given the quota requested during the allocation period.

The amount of data stored below the /gpfs/mira-fs0/projects/PROJECT_NAME directory cannot exceed this quota. File ownership does not count towards the project directory quota. The total data usage under the project directory is used to calculate the disk quota.

The ALCF has provided a script for checking the current space used and quotas on any projects of which you are a member. Use /usr/local/bin/myprojectquotas:

scrusan@miralac1:~ ]$ /usr/local/bin/myprojectquotas

Current Project Quota information for projects of which you are a member:
Name             Type     Filesystem      GB_Used       GB_Quota       Grace
Acceptance      Project    mira-fs0      572221.67     1048576.00       none
Operations      Project    mira-fs0      484250.14     1024000.00       none

Quota Increases

If you need a quota increase for your project directory, please send an email to support@alcf.anl.gov with the machine, project name, new quota amount and reason for the increase.