Performance Tools & APIs for Mira/Cetus/Vesta

Help Desk

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  • TAU (Tuning and Analysis Utilities) - A toolkit for instrumenting applications that gathers information on timings, MPI activity, and hardware performance counter events
  • HPCToolkit - A sample based profiling toolkit that gathers information on timing and hardware performance counter events
  • HPCTW - An easy to use set of libraries for collecting MPI and hardware counter data
  • Vampir - A tool for collecting and viewing large scale application traces
  • gprof - The standard Linux sampling tool
  • PAPI (Performance Application Programming Interface) - Standardized API for access to BG/Q hardware performance counter data
  • mpiP - An easy to use library that collects summary information on MPI activity and timings
  • Openspeedshop - A toolkit for gathering sample based timing information, MPI, hardware performance counter, and IO data
  • Scalasca - A toolkit for gathering timing and MPI performance data
  • Darshan - A scalable HPC I/O characterization tool
  • BGPM - A low level library providing access to the BG/Q performance counter hardware
  • Automatic Performance Collection (AutoPerf) - Automatic MPI performance and hardware counter data collection

MPI and OpenMP Options