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Argonne Leadership Computing Facility

Argonne Leadership
Computing Facility

Polaris User Guide

Note: Our Polaris documentation is still under development.

GPU Hackathon Attendees

Please direct questions/issues to your mentor and/or post in the #cluster_support channel in the Hackathon Slack workspace.

ESP/ECP Users and ALCF Staff

Please direct all questions, requests, and feedback to

Please don't submit PRs against this repository.

Job Charging on Polaris

Charging on Polaris will begin on July 25th. Jobs run prior to this date will not be charged to the project allocation.

About Polaris

The Polaris software environment is equipped with the HPE Cray programming environment, HPE Performance Cluster Manager (HPCM) system software, and the ability to test programming models, such as OpenMP and SYCL, that will be available on Aurora and the next-generation of DOE’s high performance computing systems.

Polaris users will also benefit from NVIDIA’s HPC software development kit, a suite of compilers, libraries, and tools for GPU code development.

Instructions for building/viewing pages locally

Python environment

To build documentation locally, you need a Python environment with mkdocs installed. Check that Python 3.6+ is installed:

$ python --version
Python 3.8.3

Then create a new virtual env to isolate the mkdocs installation:

$ python -m venv env
$ source env/bin/activate


Using Git ssh. Make sure you add ssh public key to your profile (https cloning to be deprecated soon)

$ git clone

Installing Mkdocs

To install mkdocs in the current environment:

$ cd polaris-userguide
$ make install-dev

Preview the Docs Locally

Run mkdocs serve or make serve to auto-build and serve the docs for preview in your web browser.

$ make serve