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Disk Quota on Cooley


Disk quotas are enabled on project directories. Cooley uses the mira-home file system located at /gpfs/mira-home where quotas are also enforced. Cooley has three project file systems available to user. Details on the home file system are listed in File Systems. Following are descriptions and examples for the home file system, as well as the theta-fs0, grand, and eagle project filesystems.

Home Directory Quotas

By default, each home directory is assigned a default of 100GB. File ownership determines disk space usage.

To check the home directory usage, enter this command:

> myquota
Name                           Type     Filesystem        GB_Used       GB_Quota          Grace
userX                           User     mira-home         44.13        100.00             none

Project Directory Quotas

The Grand, Eagle, and Lustre project file system (/lus/theta-fs0) support project quotas. The amount of data stored under /lus//projects/PROJECT_NAME cannot exceed the approved project quota limit approved during the allocation period. The total data usage under the project directory is used to calculate the disk quota.

To check project quota usage on the file systems, enter this command:

> myprojectquotas

Lustre : Current Project Quota information for projects you're a member of:

Name                       Type        Filesystem          Used             Quota           Grace
projectX                  Project      theta-fs0            354.4T           700T                 -
projectY                  Project      theta-fs0            916k              1T                     -
projectZ                  Project      grand                 8k                  1000T               -
projectX                  Project      eagle                 1.87T             1000T               -

Quota Increases

Use our allocations request form to ask for a quota increase.

If you need a quota increase for your INCITE/ALCC/ALCC/ESP project directory, please send an email to with the machine, project name, new quota amount and reason for the increase.