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Argonne Leadership Computing Facility

Argonne Leadership
Computing Facility

Getting Started on Polaris

Logging Into Polaris

To log into Polaris:

  1. ssh <username>; log in using the ALCF mobilepass token
  2. ssh <username>@polaris-login-02

Hardware Overview

An overview of the Polaris system including details on the compute node architecture is available on the Machine Overview page.

Compiling Applications

Users are encouraged to read through the Compiling and Linking Overview page and corresponding pages depending on the target compiler and programming model.

Submitting and Running Jobs

Users are encouraged to read through the Job Scheduling and Execution page for information on using the Cobalt schedule and preparing job submission scripts. Some example job submission scripts are available on the Example Job Scripts page as well.

Getting Assistance

Note: Our Polaris documentation is still under development.

GPU Hackathon Attendees

Please direct questions/issues to your mentor and/or post in the #cluster_support channel in the Hackathon Slack workspace.

ESP/ECP Users and ALCF Staff

Please direct all questions, requests, and feedback to

Please don't submit PRs against this repository.