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Known Issues

This is a collection of known issues that have been encountered during Polaris' early user phase. Documentation will be updated as issues are resolved.

  1. The nsys profiler packaged with nvhpc/21.9 in some cases appears to be presenting broken timelines with start times not lined up. The issue does not appear to be present when nsys from cudatoolkit-standalone/11.2.2 is used. We expect this to no longer be an issue once nvhpc/22.5 is made available as the default version.

  2. With PrgEnv-nvhpc/8.3.3, if you are using nvcc to indirectly invoke nvc++ and compiling C++17 code (as, for example, in building Kokkos via nvcc_wrapper), you will get compilation errors with C++17 constructs. See our documentation on NVIDIA Compilers for a workaround.