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PBS Pro qsub Options

Version 1.2 2021-04-28

-l select and similar is a lower case "L", -I for interactive is an upper case "I"

Cobalt CLI PBS CLI PBS Directive Function and Page Reference
-A \ -A \ #PBS Account_Name=\ "Specifying Accounting String” UG-29
--nodecount NODES
-l select=NODES:system=\ One or more
#PBS -l \=\
"Requesting Resources” UG-51
-l walltime=1:00:00 One or more
#PBS -l \=\
"Requesting Resources” UG-51
-l filesystems=\ One or more
#PBS -l \=\
"Requesting Resources” UG-51
-q -q \ #PBS -q \
#PBS -q @\
#PBS -q \@\
"Specifying Server and/or Queue” UG-29
--env -v \ "Exporting Specific Environment Variables” UG-126
--env -V #PBS -V "Exporting All Environment Variables” UG-126
--attrs Done via custom resources and select statements "Setting Job Attributes” UG-16

-W depend=afterok:\ #PBS depend=... "Using Job Dependencies” UG-107
-I Deprecated for use in a script "Running Your Job Interactively” UG-121
-e \ #PBS -e \
#PBS Error_Path=\
"Paths for
-o \ #PBS -o \
#PBS Output_Path=\
"Paths for Output and Error Files” UG-42
see note #1
-M \
-m \
-m be is suggested
#PBS -M \
#PBS -WMail_Users=\
#PBS -m \
#PBS -WMail_Points=\
"Setting Email Recipient List” UG-26
-W umask=\ #PBS umask=\ "Changing Linux Job umask” UG-45
-h -h #PBS -h "Holding and Releasing Jobs” UG-115
See Note #2
-l mpiprocs
Not needed to get equivalent Cobalt functionality
One or more
#PBS -l \=\ directives
"Requesting Resources” UG-51

PBS options that provide functionality above and beyond Cobalt

Depending on policy decisions not all of these options may be available.

Cobalt CLI PBS CLI PBS Directive Function and Page Reference
N/A -a \ #PBS -a "Deferring Execution” UG-119
N/A -C “\ "Changing the Directive Prefix” UG-16
N/A -c \ #PBS -c "Using Checkpointing” UG-113
N/A -G "Submitting Interactive GUI Jobs on Windows” UG-125
N/A -J X-Y[:Z] #PBS -J "Submitting a Job Array” UG-150
N/A -j \ #PBS Join_Path=\ "Merging Output and Error Files” UG-43
N/A -k \ #PBS Keep_Files=\ "Keeping Output and Error Files on Execution Host” UG-44
N/A -p \ #PBS -p "Setting Priority for Your Job” UG-120
N/A -P \ #PBS project=\ "Specifying a Project for a Job” UG-27
N/A -r \ #PBS -r "Allowing Your Job to be Re-run” UG-118
N/A -R \ "Avoiding Creation of stdout and/or stderr” UG-43
N/A -S \ "Specifying the Top Shell for Your Job” UG-19
See Note #3
-u \ #PBS User_List=\ "Specifying Job Username” UG-28
N/A -W block=true #PBS block=true "Making qsub Wait Until Job Ends” UG-120
N/A -W group_list=\ #PBS group_list=\ "Specifying Job Group ID” UG-28
N/A -W release_nodes_on_stageout=\ "Releasing Unneeded Vnodes from Your Job” UG-127
N/A -W run_count=\ "Controlling Number of Times Job is Re-run” UG-119
N/A -W sandbox=\ "Staging and Execution Directory: User Home vs. Job-specific” UG-31
N/A -W stagein=\ #PBS -W stagein=\@\:\[,...] "Input/Output File Staging” UG-31
N/A -W stageout=\ #PBS -W stageout=\@\:\[,...] "Input/Output File Staging” UG-31
N/A -X "Receiving X Output from Interactive Linux Jobs” UG-124
N/A -z #PBS -z "Suppressing Printing Job Identifier to stdout” UG-30
1. To get the equivalent mail notifications from PBS it requires two parameters the -M just like Cobalt, but also -m be (the be stands for beginning and end) to specify when the mails should go out. This will give you the same behavior as Cobalt.
2. --proccount, while available, only changed behavior on the Blue Gene machines. To get equivalent functionality just drop it from the CLI. In PBS it does influence the PBS_NODES file. See Section 5.1.3 in the PBS Users Guide page UG-78
1. The following Cobalt options have no equivalent in PBS
- --cwd - use a script and cd to the directory you want to run from
- --user_list - There is no way to do this. We will work on adding this functionality
- --debuglog - Are we going to try and generate the equivalent of a .cobalt file?
2. The following Cobalt options were Blue Gene specific and no longer apply
- --kernel
- --ion_kernel
- --ion_kerneloption
- --mode - see notes on running scripts, python, and executables
- --geometry
- --disable_preboot