Queueing and Running Jobs on BG/P Systems

The following pages provide information about job management on ALCF Blue Gene/P systems: submission, scheduling, specific commands, policies and more.
  • Queuing a Job: Follow the information in this page to know how to queue a job with Cobalt.

  • Running Jobs: This page contains information about job settings, common job errors and more topics related to job submission.

  • Reservations: If you have a special need that is not addressed by the regular queues, you may request a reservation. This page contains information about how to do it.

  • HTC Mode: High Throughput Computing (HTC) Mode allows the user to run a set of serial (non-MPI) programs on the partition.

  • MPMD and mpiexec: MPMD refers to a single parallel run made up of multiple different executables. In other words, different MPI ranks are running different executables. This type of run is supported on Blue Gene/P with some limitations. Know how it works.

  • FAQs Queuing and Running: Quick answers to commonly asked questions.