kSZ map

In search of a signal

Researchers are using Mira to construct cosmological maps that will help improve the analysis of data from the world’s most powerful astronomical instruments.

Theta ESP hands-on workshop

Early science teams prepare for Theta at hands-on workshop

Researchers visited Argonne to port, benchmark, and optimize applications for the ALCF's next-generation system.

Skip Reddy

Employee Spotlight: Skip Reddy

A Q&A with the ALCF's team lead for high-performance computing infrastructure.

Two ALCF staff members recognized by Argonne’s Board of Governors

Susan Coghlan and Skip Reddy were recognized for their outstanding achievements at the laboratory.

simulation of tribofilms

Argonne discovery yields self-healing diamond-like carbon

Large-scale reactive molecular dynamics simulations carried out on Mira enabled the design of a “self-healing,” anti-wear coating that dramatically reduces friction and related degradation in engines and moving machinery




IXPUG 2016 Annual Meeting

Hosted by the ALCF, ths year's Intel Xeon Phi Users Group (#IXPUG2016) meeting provided a forum to discuss performance tuning of scientific and engineering applications running on the Intel Xeon Phi line of processors. If you were unable to attend, presentation slides are available online goo.gl/wtxoV2

Featured Video

Gasoline compression ignition
A visualization of using gasoline in a diesel engine.

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