Stress-corrosion cracking in quartz

Coding the cracks

Researchers use Mira to study stress-corrosion cracking in silicates.

Paul Messina

Paul Messina Named Argonne Distinguished Fellow

High-performance computing pioneer Paul Messina has been named an Argonne National Laboratory Distinguished Fellow, the laboratory’s highest scientific and engineering rank.

Attendees collaborate on hands-on exercises

ATPESC helps groom a new generation of supercomputer users

The 2014 Argonne Training Program for Extreme-Scale Computing (ATPESC) hosted 62 participants for an intensive two-week workshop aimed at future users of leadership-class machines.

IBM General Parallel File System

ALCF storage upgrade aims for hands-off data management

The new GSS system will serve as an extremely large and extremely fast cache, offering 400 GB/s of transfer speed.

Ball and stick representation of salty water

Getting from H2O to hydrogen fuel

Researchers from the University of Chicago are using Mira to study photoelectrochemical energy conversion.


2014 Science Brochure is Now Available

The ALCF Science Brochure features scientific discoveries enabled by our leadership-class resources. Major research milestones in biological sciences, chemistry, earth science, energy technologies, and physics--to name just a few areas--were achieved in 2014. Download »

Extreme-Scale Computing Videos

Featured Video

Learn How to Migrate Your Data
A tutorial on data management and tips for future data strategies.

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Oct 20, 2014

Towards Predictive Core-Collapse Supernova Simulations

Building 203/Room R-150
Oct 23, 2014

Length-scale Bridges

Building 240/Room 5172 and broadcast via Adobe Connect (see below)
Oct 30, 2014

Probing Mesoscopic Structure-property Relationship Using Molecular Dynamics Simulations

Building 240/Room 5172 and broadcast via Adobe Connect (see below)