ellipticine to DNA

ALCF named an Intel® Parallel Computing Center

Project goal is to optimize QMCPACK

Digital reconstruction of pyramidal cells from the Blue Brain Project

Delivering science on day one

In a recent issue of Computing in Science & Engineering, ALCF Deputy Director of Science Timothy Williams discussed Theta Early Science work.

ALCF hosts physics workshop to bridge computational and experimental efforts

The “Lattice for Beyond the Standard Model Physics 2016” workshop was held to generate new ideas and projects in the search for new physics.

A wave-like theoretical model for the van der Waals force

Making waves on Mira

Robert DiStasio Jr. of Cornell University recently published his results on Mira in Science on the validation of a new “wave-like” model of the van der Waals force.

Visualization of primate tooth

ALCF’s new data science program targets “big data” problems

The facility is accepting project proposals for the ALCF Data Science Program through May 31.



ALCF Data Science Program

The call for proposals for the ALCF Data Science Program closes May 31, 2016. For more information, visit the ADSP webpage.

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Gasoline compression ignition
A visualization of using gasoline in a diesel engine.

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