Careers at Argonne

Are you looking for a unique opportunity to develop world-class solutions for powerful petascale computational systems?

We're inviting outstanding candidates to apply for a variety of open positions in the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) new supercomputing facility at Argonne National Laboratory.

With roughly 3,200 employees from nearly 60 nations (including about 1,000 scientists and engineers), Argonne National Laboratory hires top-quality staff who find personal and professional fulfillment in their work. The lab is located twenty-five miles southwest of Chicago—situated on 1,500 beautiful, wooded acres and surrounded by the Waterfall Glen Forest Preserve. 

Argonne’s surrounding communities offer housing and amenities to suit all tastes. The Chicago area boasts top-rated schools and universities and a superior transportation network of interstate highways, rail and bus lines. The laboratory’s campus is about half an hour by freeway from two major international airports, O’Hare and Midway. Argonne’s proximity to Chicago offers employees and their families access to world-class museums, an award-winning theater scene, major music and dance companies, the world-renowned lakefront, boating and fishing, premier shopping and fashion, distinct and culturally diverse neighborhoods, more than 7000 restaurants and eateries, and sports teams in all major sports.

For the most current listing of opportunities within ALCF, please visit Argonne's Careers Page and click on the link that applies to you: External Candidates, Internal Candidates, Postdoctoral Appointments, or Students.

ALCF Career Opportunities

Director of Science
Provides scientific and technology vision and leadership for the Argonne Leadership Computing Facility (ALCF). Works closely with the division director and senior laboratory management towards the implementation of the Laboratory`s strategic plan to build world-class computational science research teams at ANL. Manages and evaluates the performance of assigned staff. Builds and strengthens high-quality collaborative research opportunities with industry, business, and academic partners to gain computational science projects for the ALCF.  If you have interest in this position, we invite you to apply for LCF Requisition #320984 by visiting Argonne's Career Page.

HPC Systems Administration Specialist
As a member of the Argonne Leadership Computing Facility`s (ALCF) High Performance Computing (HPC) team, appointee will participate in the technical operation, support and continued development of the first class HPC facilities of the ALCF division and laboratory in order to enhance the productivity of the scientific staff and research colleagues of the division. With the ALCF technical staff and colleagues at other labs and universities, assists with the coordination of similar systems. Special emphasis of this position is to lead efforts in building and maintaining next generation ALCF HPC systems and clusters, creating technical documentation for end-users and internal use, and providing technical support to the users of the resources. If you have interest in this position, we invite you apply for LCF Requisition #320276 by visiting Argonne's Career Page.

Division Postdoctoral Positions

Build the future of computational science. This is a unique opportunity to jump-start the next generation of large-scale computational science as part of a cutting-edge organization, the Argonne Leadership Computing Facility, and as part of an extraordinary team of peer postdoctoral appointees.

Division Postdoctoral Appointment - Data Centric HPC
The candidate will work with a team of computer scientists, computational scientists and performance engineers at the ALCF on novel solutions for data-centric high-performance computing. The goal is to understand and develop programming models and runtime solutions to address the data needs of ALCF applications and in general data-intensive applications on current and future HPC platforms. Another key aspect would involve research and development of data-centric HPC architectures in close collaboration with vendors and applications. Additionally, the incumbent will collaborate with the High-Energy Physics Cosmology SciDAC Institute, the CESAR Exascale Co-Design Center, and the SDAV SciDAC Institute.  We invite interested postdocs to apply for LCF Requisition #320440.

Division Postdoctoral Appointment - Lattice QCD
The appointee will work with members of the USQCD collaboration to develop the software and algorithmic infrastructure needed for the numerical study of quantum chromodynamics, and of theories that have been proposed to describe physics beyond the Standard Model of high energy physics. They will help optimize and run codes on ALCF computing resources and will help carry out the research plans of relevant INCITE projects. Works closely with multi-disciplinary ALCF teams and science project teams to address challenges of high-performance science and engineering applications.  We invite interested postdocs to apply for LCF Requisition #321366.

Division Postdoctoral Appointment - Electronic Structure Code
The appointee will develop electronic structure codes for massively parallel calculations on Mira, the 10-petaflops BlueGene/Q supercomputer at the Argonne Leadership Computing Facility (ALCF). The incumbent will work with a multi-institute team to develop electronic structure codes that are designed to scale to over 100,000 computer cores to achieve breakthrough high-impact science on present and future generation supercomputing platforms. We invite interested postdocs to apply for LCF Requisition #321570.