Computing Resources

World-Class Computational Center

The major computing resources are IBM Blue Gene/Q systems, Mira, Cetus, and Vesta. Mira has a peak speed of 10-petaflops built from 48 racks and is dedicated to production science, Cetus has peak performance is 838 teraflops four-rack system and used to debug and develop, and Vesta is a 419 teraflops two-rack system used as a test and development platform.

ALCF supports more than 1,432 active users and over 400 active projects from universities, national laboratories, and industry.

The resources are allocated via four different programs: the Innovative and Novel Computational Impact on Theory and Experiment (INCITE) program, the Advanced Scientific Computing Research Leadership Computing Challenge (ALCC), the Early Science Program (ESP), and the Director’s Discretionary Allocation (DD).

Our Leadership Class Computers

Cetus and Vesta