Analytics and Visualization

Visualization Cluster


Tukey is the ALCF’s newest analysis and visualization cluster. Equipped with state-of-the-art graphics processing units (GPUs), Tukey converts computational data from Mira into high-resolution visual representations. The resulting images, videos, and animations help users to better analyze and understand the data generated by Mira. Tukey can also be used for statistical analysis, helping to pinpoint trends in the simulation data. Additionally, the system is capable of preprocessing efforts, such as meshing, to assist users preparing for Mira simulations. Tukey shares the Mira network and parallel file system, enabling direct access to Mira-generated results.


  • Two 2 GHz 8-core AMD Opteron CPUs per node
  • 1,536 cores
  • Two NVIDIA Tesla M2070 GPUs per node
  • Memory: 6 TB of RAM, 1.1 TB of GPU RAM
  • QDR InfiniBand interconnect
  • GPU peak performance (aggregate) over 98 teraflops (double precision)