User Guides

Information and instructions on system access, computing environment, running jobs, debugging and tuning performance for our computing resources at the ALCF.

How to Get an Allocation

How to get an Allocation: You must be awarded an allocation in order to use our computer systems. Please start here to learn about our different types of programs and to find the best one that suits our needs.

New User Guide

New User Guide: Once you get your allocation award and have requested your project, the guide will walk you through the first steps of logging in, compiling, running jobs and learning how to manage your ALCF account.

Accounts & Access

Accounts & Access: Everything you need to know about your ALCF account and logging into our computer systems.


Allocations: Learn how to manage your allocation, how to determine CPU-hours and a how-to for Clusterbank (cbank).


Mira/Cetus/Vesta: The user guide for our new BG/Q systems. Use this guide to get an overview of the system, understand the file systems, learn how to transfer data, compile & link, queue &run a job, get help with debugging and performance tuning and find paths to software and libraries.


Cooley: The primary purpose of Cooley is to analyze and visualize data produced on Mira and shares the same software environment and file systems as Mira.


Facility Policies