Krishna Teja Chitty-Venkata

Photo of Krishna

Postdoctoral Appointee - AI for Science Architectures

Argonne National Laboratory

9700 S. Cass Avenue

Building 240 - Room 3F9

Lemont, IL  60439

Krishna is a postdoctoral researcher in the Data Science group of Argonne Leadership Computing Facility. He primarily works at the intersection of Systems and Deep Learning. His research interests include neural network training and inference optimization on general purpose and domain specific hardware platforms, AI accelerators, AI for science applications and HPC for AI.


Krishna finished his PhD in Computer Engineering from Iowa State University, under the guidance of Prof. Arun Somani. His dissertation research was primarily focused on developing pruning, quantization and neural architecture search algorithms for optimizing neural network inference on hardware accelerators, CPUs and GPUs. During the course of his PhD, he interned at AMD, Intel and Argonne National Laboratory, where he worked on several Deep Learning related research problems. Earlier, he received his bachelor’s degree from University College of Engineering, Osmania University, Hyderabad, India. 


Research Interests:

1)     Hardware-aware inference optimization of Deep Neural Networks

2)     Enhancing training and finetuning of Large Language Models

3)     Neural Architecture Search (AutoML)

4)     Application of AI methods for science applications


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