Argonne training program prepares researchers for scientific computing in the exascale era

With its seventh year now in the books, the Argonne Training Program on Extreme-Scale Computing (ATPESC) has now hosted nearly 500 participants since its inception.

Hubble Space Telescope image

AI technique does double duty spanning cosmic and subatomic scales

While high energy physics and cosmology seem worlds apart in terms of sheer scale, Argonne researchers are using similar machine learning methods to address classification problems for both subatomic particles and galaxies.

Artificial Intelligence: Transforming science, improving lives

Leveraging Argonne’s broad capabilities and world-class facilities, the laboratory is exploring and expanding new AI techniques to drive discovery and innovation.

Argonne researchers Alexsandr Obabko and Emily Shemon

Argonne harnesses virtual power to address the most complex challenges in nuclear science

Argonne researchers are running a broad suite of computational codes on ALCF supercomputers to model and analyze next-generation nuclear reactor designs.

Data Science for Discovery in Chemical and Materials Sciences

DOE announces funding for Argonne projects on better materials and chemistry through data science

The two projects will leverage Argonne’s expertise in data science, machine learning, and statistics to accelerate discovery in chemistry and material sciences.



ALCC Call for Proposals

There is a new requirement for the 2020-2021 ALCC call for proposals. As the first step in submitting a proposal, PIs are required to submit a Letter of Intent by December 16, 2019. ALCC Website >>

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How Smart is a Supercomputer?
ALCF Director of Science Katherine Riley discusses the value of supercomputing in a recent episode of the YouTube science series, The Good Stuff.

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Argonne Training Program Prepares Researchers for Scientific Computing in the Exascale Era
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