Aiichiro Nakano

Who’s using Argonne's User Facilities?

Sean Couch of Michigan State University and Aiichiro Nakano of the University of Southern California are among the hundreds of researchers using ALCF supercomputers to advance science.

Predicting material properties with quantum Monte Carlo

A team led by Oak Ridge National Laboratory is using quantum Monte Carlo methods to simulate promising materials that elude the investigative and predictive powers of density functional theory.

2019 ALCF Computational Performance Workshop

ALCF workshop helps attendees advance use of supercomputing resources

The annual ALCF Computational Performance Workshop is designed to help researchers boost code performance and prepare for future ALCF projects.

Deep Transfer Learning at Scale for Cosmology

Scientists spearhead convergence of AI and HPC for cosmology

Researchers from NCSA and ALCF have developed a novel combination of deep learning methods to provide a highly accurate approach to classifying hundreds of millions of unlabeled galaxies.

On the road to efficiency

Argonne researchers are using machine learning techniques for a variety of projects aimed at transforming our transportation and vehicle technology systems.



Aurora slated to be nation’s first exascale system

Targeted for delivery in 2021, the ALCF's next-generation supercomputer will usher in a new era of breakthroughs in science and engineering. Read more >>

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How Smart is a Supercomputer?
ALCF Director of Science Katherine Riley discusses the value of supercomputing in a recent episode of the YouTube science series, The Good Stuff.

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