ALCF Computational Performance Workshop

ALCF hands-on workshop connects researchers with HPC experts

The annual ALCF Computational Performance Workshop is designed to accelerate researchers’ efforts to test, debug, and optimize their codes on leadership-class systems.

ALCF selects data and learning projects for Aurora Early Science Program

ALCF selects data and learning projects for Aurora Early Science Program

The projects will help prepare key applications, libraries, and infrastructure for the architecture and scale of the ALCF's future exascale supercomputer.

Supersonic turbulent flow

Steady as she flows

Aiming to boost aircraft safety, speed, and fuel efficiency, engineers turn to the ALCF's Mira supercomputer to study supersonic turbulence.

QMC simulation

Extending high-accuracy quantum chemistry calculations with HPC

Researchers recently used Theta to carry out the largest and most accurate calculation of a metal-organic framework system performed to date.

Crystal structures

Speeding up discoveries of organic and organic-inorganic materials

As part of the Theta Early Science Program, researchers used the ALCF's new Intel-Cray system to identify promising materials for solar cells.



ALCF Career Opportunities

Looking for a unique opportunity to work at the forefront of high-performance computing? The ALCF has several staff and postdoctoral positions available. For details, visit the ALCF careers webpage.


Featured Video

How Smart is a Supercomputer?
ALCF Director of Science Katherine Riley discusses the value of supercomputing in a recent episode of the YouTube science series, The Good Stuff.

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