Big Data meets big healthcare for veterans

Big Data meets big healthcare for veterans

ALCF plays a role in the VA-DOE Big Data Science Initiative.

About a third of all human cancers are driven by mutations in RAS genes.

Argonne goes deep to crack cancer code

Using ALCF's supercomputers, a melding of medical research and high-performance computing is taking a more personalized approach to treatment by creating precise therapy options based on genetics.

3D structure of adenine riboswitch RNA

Tackling disease in three dimensions

Researchers at the National Cancer Institute are using ALCF supercomputers to advance disease studies by enhancing our understanding of RNA.


Argonne's Theta supercomputer goes online

Theta’s massively parallel, many-core architecture puts the ALCF on the path to Aurora, the facility’s future Intel-Cray system.

Baryonic density and dark matter content in a cluster of galaxies

ALCC program awards ALCF computing time to 24 projects

Several of the 2017-2018 ALCC projects will be the first to run on the ALCF’s new 9.65 petaflops Intel-Cray supercomputer, Theta, when it opens to the full user community July 1.



Best Practices for HPC Software Developers

The HPC Best Practices webinars address issues faced by developers of computational science and engineering software on high-performance computers.
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How Smart is a Supercomputer?
ALCF Director of Science Katherine Riley discusses the value of supercomputing in a recent episode of the YouTube science series, The Good Stuff.

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