ATPESC participants collaborate

ATPESC 2015 set to groom new generation of supercomputer users

Sixty-five students will participate in this year's intensive two-week training program.

Simulations lead to design of near-frictionless material

Argonne scientists use Mira to identify and improve a new mechanism for eliminating friction.

Regional climate model

Zooming in: From global to regional climate models

Argonne researchers use Mira to assess the effectiveness of dynamically downscaled regional climate models.

PI-AIMD simulation of solvated hydroxide ion

ALCC program announces 24 projects at ALCF

With allocations beginning July 1, the 24 projects account for a total of 1.7 billion core-hours at ALCF.

2015 Mira Performance Boot Camp

Researchers scale code for INCITE at ALCF’s Mira Boot Camp

The annual workshop helps users optimize code through hands-on assistance from ALCF experts and access to Mira.


When electrons cooperate

University of Illinois physicists apply supercomputing to explore unconventional, high-temperature superconductivity.
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Investigating Flow-Structure Interactions in Cerebral Aneurysms
A visualization of blood flow in a cerebral aneurysm.

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Graphene nanoscrolls used in design of near-frictionless material