Schematic of the ANN-ECG method

Scaling forward

With help from ALCF computing resources, researchers used machine learning to create molecular models that dramatically accelerate the screening of potential new organic materials for electronics.

Aurora announcement

DOE and Argonne announce powerful tool to transform scientific research and discovery

U.S. Department of Energy Secretary Rick Perry announced Monday that Argonne National Laboratory will be the future home of the nation’s first exascale computing system.

Lithium ions flow through solid material

Simulations on Mira contributed to a recent study of a promising material that conducts lithium ions. The transport of ions through materials plays a crucial role in many electrical systems — from batteries to brains.

Aurora exascale supercomputer

U.S. Department of Energy and Intel to deliver first exascale supercomputer

Targeted for 2021 delivery, Argonne National Laboratory's next-generation supercomputer will enable high-performance computing and artificial intelligence at exascale.

2019 ALCF Computational Performance Workshop

2019 ALCF Computational Performance Workshop

Get ready for INCITE. Register for the ALCF Computational Performance Workshop to boost your code performance and achieve computational readiness for INCITE.



ALCF Computational Performance Workshop

Prepare for INCITE at our annual hands-on workshop (April 30-May 2, 2019). Join us to boost your code's performance on ALCF systems. The deadline to register is March 22. Register now >>

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How Smart is a Supercomputer?
ALCF Director of Science Katherine Riley discusses the value of supercomputing in a recent episode of the YouTube science series, The Good Stuff.

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