Aurora Early Science Program

Aurora Early Science Program: Call for Proposals opens today

The deadline to submit proposals is September 2, 2016.

Design of defect spins in piezoelectric aluminum nitride

ALCC program awards 1.7 billion core-hours to 26 projects at the ALCF

ALCC projects cover a wide range of research areas, including energy efficiency, renewable energy, physics, climate modeling, and materials science.

2016 Scaling Your Science on Mira workshop

Code-scaling workshop gets research teams ready for prime time

Attendees worked with ALCF computational scientists and invited experts to test, debug, and improve their codes on Mira.

Carbon nanostructures simulations using SIPS and Tight Binding Density Functional Theory

The SIPS approach to solving the eigenproblem

A team using Mira has successfully tested an approach to harnessing Mira's massively parallel architecture to solve this part of the computation, opening the door for significant future research campaigns.

VERIFI attendees visit ALCF

ALCF to demonstrate engine modeling capabilities at 2016 VERIFI workshop

Massive simulation capacity has opened up new capabilities for industrial partners seeking new advanced engine designs.


Theta arrival


Theta has arrived!

Our new supercomputer, Theta, is being installed. We are looking forward to starting this new chapter of leadership computing.
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Gasoline compression ignition
A visualization of using gasoline in a diesel engine.

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