Argonne National Laboratory at Supercomputing 07


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Advanced computing touches almost every area of science today, and its continued integration will strongly influence science of the future. Supercomputing 2007 provides a grand opportunity for Argonne to showcase the laboratory exciting new resources and research results.

Leadership-class computing facilities: Highlighted at the Argonne booth is our Argonne's Leadership Computing Facility, which currently has an IBM Blue Gene/L system and is planning deployment of a Blue Gene/P system, and TeraGrid -- the world's largest, most comprehensive distributed cyberinfrastructure for open scientific research.

Advanced computing software and programming tools: Argonne has gained international renown for its system software, parallel programming tools, and Grid middleware. At SC07, researchers from Argonne and the University of Chicago Computation Institute are giving technical presentations, demos, and tutorials of their world-class research.

Partnerships: Key to these successes are collaborations - with universities, research centers, other national laboratories, and vendors, and with computer scientists, applied mathematicians, and application scientists.

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