Computing Resources

Theory and Computing Sciences Building

Argonne's Theory and Computing Sciences (TCS) building houses a wide variety of computing systems including some of the most powerful supercomputers in the world. The facility has 25,000 square feet of raised computer floor space and a pair of redundant 20 megavolt amperes electrical feeds from a 90 megawatt substation. The building also features 3,950 tons of cooling capacity (two 1,300-ton chillers for Mira and two 675-ton chillers for air cooling at TCS).

ALCF Computing Resources

Mira and Theta are the engines that drive scientific discoveries and engineering breakthroughs at the ALCF. At around 10 petaflops each, the systems are among the fastest supercomputers in the world for open science. More than 5 billion computing hours are allocated on ALCF systems each year.

Supporting IBM Blue Gene/Q systems – Cetus and Vesta – are used for debugging and test and development work, respectively.

Cooley, our visualization cluster, helps transform computational data into high-resolution images, videos and animations, helping users to better analyze and understand simulations produced by Mira.