Director's Discretionary (DD) Program

The ALCF’s DD program provides “start up” awards to researchers working toward an INCITE or ALCC allocation to help them achieve computational readiness. Projects must demonstrate a need for leadership-class resources. Awards may be made year-round to industry, academia, laboratories, and others, and are usually between three and six months in duration. The size of the award varies based on the application and its readiness/ability to scale; awards are generally from the low hundreds of thousands to the low millions of hours.

To apply for a DD award, visit the allocation request webpage.

  • Eligibility: Available to researchers in academia, industry, and other research institutions. DOE sponsorship is not required.

  • Review process: Projects must demonstrate a need for high-performance computing resources. Reviewed by ALCF.

  • Application period: Ongoing (available year-round)

  • Award size: Low tens of thousands to the low millions of core-hours

  • Award duration: 3-6 months, renewable

  • Total percent of ALCF resources allocated: 10%