2019 INCITE Proposal Writing Webinar

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INCITE Program
Start Date: 
May 2 2018 - 9:00am
Judy Hill

The 2019 INCITE Call for Proposals opens April 16 and closes June 22, 2018. The Innovative and Novel Computational Impact on Theory and Experiment (INCITE) program promotes transformational advances in science and technology for computationally and/or data intensive, large-scale research projects through large allocations of computer time and supporting resources at the Argonne and Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility (LCF) centers, operated by the US Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Science. INCITE seeks research enterprises for capability computing: production simulations, data science, and/or learning applications – including ensembles – that use a large fraction of the LCF systems or require the unique LCF architectural infrastructure for high-impact projects that cannot be performed on less capable resources.

INCITE is currently soliciting proposals of research for awards on LCF HPC machines for calendar year (CY) 2019. LCF HPC machines include Summit, the 200-petaflop IBM 922AC machine; Titan, the 27-petaflop Cray XK7; Mira, the 10-petaflop IBM Blue Gene/ Q; and Theta, the 12-petaflop Cray XC40 machine. Fifty percent of the allocable computing time will be made available on each of these machines to the INCITE program for CY 2019. Proposals may be for up to three years.

To help you prepare your proposal for submission, the INCITE program invites you to participate in an INCITE Proposal Writing Webinar. Free and open to the public, the webinars will provide both prospective and returning users the opportunity to ask questions and receive guidance on how to write an effective INCITE proposal. The INCITE Program Manager and representatives from each of the two Leadership Computing Facilities will present.

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