2020 Virtual ALCF Computational Performance Workshop

2020 ALCF Computational Performance Workshop

Participate in our virtual workshop to boost code performance and achieve computational readiness for INCITE and other ALCF allocation programs.

The 2020 ALCF Computational Performance Workshop will be hosted as an online-only event.

Join us May 5-7, 2020, for an experience designed to help you boost code performance and achieve computational readiness on ALCF systems. Participants will have an opportunity to:

  • Work with ALCF and industry professionals through collaborative online sessions
  • Participate in guided hands-on exercises
  • Benchmark and debug your code with exclusive reservations on ALCF computing systems
  • Learn how to improve utilization on Theta/Cooley and prepare for future ALCF computing resources
  • Explore advanced techniques and tools to enhance code performance and expand your data science skills
  • Prepare for a major allocation award (e.g., INCITE, ALCC, ALCF Data Science Program)

Registration deadline: April 7, 2020


Who is eligible?

This workshop is intended for HPC researchers and team members with near-term goals of applying for a major allocation award. Registrants will be reviewed for experience level and goals for attending. It is strongly recommended that registrants provide complete details as to the work they would like to accomplish in coordination with facility staff. There are a limited number of seats available for this virtual event.

NOTE: Foreign nationals should check eligibility requirements on the registration page.

For questions or concerns, please email us at comp-perf-support@alcf.anl.gov


Day 1, Tuesday May 5

10:00-10:30am KNL Hardware Overview  Mike DMello
10:30-11:00am OpenMP Overview  Colleen Bertoni
11:00-12:00am OpenMP Interactive Session Colleen Bertoni
12:00-12:30pm Lunch Break  
12:30-1:00pm Kokkos/Raja Programming Models at ALCF Theta and Cooley Brian Homerding
1:00-1:50pm Kokkos/Raia Interactive Session Brian Homerding
1:50-2:00pm Break  

Allocation Programs at ALCF  

2:30-3:30pm MPI/Network w/Breakout Sudheer Chunduri
3:30-4:00  Q/A w staff  

Day 2, Wednesday May 6

10:00-10:25am Debugging at ALCF Ray Loy
10:25-10:50 CrayPAT JaeHyuk Kwack
10:50-11:00 Break  
11:00-12:00am TAU talk and Breakout  Sameer Shende
12:00-12:30pm Lunch break  
12:30-1:30pm HPCToolkit and Breakout Mark Krentel
1:30-2:30pm VTune/Advisor and Breakout Mike D'Mello
2:30-2:40 Break  
2:40-3:40 DDT/Breakout  Ryan Hulguin
3:40-4:00 Feedback and Q/A   

Day 3, Thursday May 7

10:00-10:30 Looking Forward to Exascale  
10:30-11:00am Balsam Misha Salim
11:00-12:00pm Balsam Interactive Session Misha Salim
12:00-12:30pm Lunch Break  
12:30-1:00pm Deep Hyper Prasanna Balaprakash
1:00-2:00pm Deep Hyper Breakout Prasanna Balaprakash
2:00-2:10pm Break  
2:10-2:40 Visualizing Your Data  Joseph Insley and Silvio Rizzi
2:40-3:40pm Visualizing Your Data  Joseph Insley and Silvio Rizzi
3:40-4:00pm Feedback and Q/A