AI for Science: From Atoms to the Cosmos


Scientists across the globe are using artificial intelligence (AI) to design better materials and processes, accelerate drug discovery, explore the mysteries of the universe, automate traditional research, and drive an array of scientific discoveries.

This colloquium, the fourth in the series celebrating Argonne’s 75th anniversary, will engage a community of participants who offer both fundamental and applied science perspectives in a discussion of the transformational uses of AI  for science.

At Argonne and other U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) laboratories, ​“AI for Science” broadly means the next generation of methods and scientific opportunities in computing. This includes the development and application of AI methods (e.g., machine learning, deep learning, statistical methods, data analytics, automated control, and related areas) to build models from data and use the models to advance scientific research.

Please join us as we explore the transformational potential of AI: how to best define it, how it can impact diverse areas of science, what we’ve learned so far, and where we go from here.