ALCF GPU Hackathon

ALCF GPU Hackathon

ALCF GPU Hackathon: April 20, 27-29, 2021

The ALCF, in collaboration with NVIDIA, will host a free GPU hackathon on April 20 and April 27-29, 2021.

The multi-day virtual event is designed to help teams of three to six developers accelerate their codes on ThetaGPU using a portable programming model, such as OpenMP, or an AI framework of their choice. Each team will be assigned mentors for the duration of the event to provide guidance on porting their code to GPUs or optimizing its performance.

No previous GPU experience is required, but teams are expected to be fluent with the code they bring to the event and motivated to make progress at the hackathon. HPC, AI, or data science projects are welcome.

Applications to participate are due February 19, 2021.


The ability to access the supercomputing resources used in the hackathon is mandatory for participation. The following restrictions apply to foreign nationals: 

  1. Foreign nationals from countries that appear on a restricted foreign country listing in section 15 CFR 740.7 License Exceptions for Computers (including Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria) require a very lengthy approval process for access to DOE supercomputers, which will not complete in time for the hackathon.  
  2. Foreign nationals from countries other than those listed above will need a valid passport with an expiration date beyond the end of the hackathon (April 29, 2021) and other pertinent supporting documents.

For additional details or to apply, visit the GPU Hackathon webpage.