Atoms, X-Rays, and AI: Working in the Wild West of Computing

Wilkie Olin-Ammentorp, Argonne National Laboratory
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Computing has undergone tremendous changes since the mid-2000s when reducing the size of components no longer enabled them to run faster while using the same amount of power. Simultaneously, while the cost per component of a circuit has decreased, the overall cost of starting a new manufacturing process has increased, squeezing out competition to only three companies capable of producing truly cutting-edge technology. This encouraged the development of new multi-core computers, algorithms, and parallel computing frameworks, which paved the way for the current AI revolution. While computing is almost defined by continuous upheaval, one constant is its importance and demand for skilled talent. This talent is needed to solve various issues across numerous fields, such as improving cooling systems for data centers, discovering new materials and physics for devices, advancing energy storage and transmission techniques, and creating new AI models and applications. This talk will provide an overview of the current computing landscape and how my early professional experiences have shaped my interests and goals.


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